Lirik Lagu Broccoli - D.R.A.M. feat. Lil Yachty

D.R.A.M.: Broccoli
Rapper Amerika D.R.A.M. Mengumpulkan perhatian nasional dengan merilis single terobosannya, "Brokoli" pada tahun 2016 dengan genre Hip hop. Lagu tersebut masuk dalam album Big Baby D.R.A.M. dinyanyikan bersama Lil Yachty juga seorang rapper terkenal dengan lagunya yang berjudul One Night.

Penyanyi : D.R.A.M. feat. Lil Yachty
Album  : Big Baby D.R.A.M.
Genre   : Hip hop
Judul lagu : Broccoli

Broccoli - D.R.A.M. feat. Lil Yachty
Lirik Lagu

Ain’t no telling what I’m finna be on
I’m beyond all that f**k s**t

(Lil Yachty)
Hey lil mama would you like to be my sunshine?
Ni**a touch my gang we gon turn this s**t to Columbine
Ice on my neck cost me 10 times 3
30,000 dollars for a ni**a to get flee
I just hit Rodeo and I spent like 10 Gs
I just did a show and spent the check on my mama
When I go on vacay I might rent out the Bahamas
And I keep like 10 phones, damn I’m really never home
All these ni**as clones tryna copy what I’m on
Ni**a get your own, tryna pick a ni**a bone
Weight up on the scale, boy I had a good day
Metro PCS trapping boy I’m making plays
50 shades of grey, beat that pu**y like Hulk Hogan
I know you know my slogan, if I ain’t bout guap I’m gone
Ni**as hating cause I’m chosen from the concrete I rose
Shawty staring at my necklace cause my diamonds really froze
Put that d**k up in her pu**y bet she feel it in her toes
I’m a real young ni**a from the 6 throwing bows
I’m a real young ni**a from the 6 throwing bows
Real young ni**a from the 6 throwing bows

In the middle of the party bi**h get off me
In the cut I’m rolling up my broccoli
Ya I know your baby mama fond of me
All she want to do is smoke that broccoli
Whispered in my ear she trying to leave with me
Said that I can get that pu**y easily
Said that I can hit that s**t so greasily
I’m a dirty dog I did it sleazily

Ain’t no telling what I’m finna be on
I’m beyond all that f**k s**t
Ain’t no telling what I’m finna be on
I’m beyond all that f**k s**t

I got companies and Pesos
I got people on my payroll
She don’t do it less I say so
I don’t smoke if it ain’t fuego
I just sauce em up like Prego
Fettuchini with Alfredo
All I wanted was the fame and every game they made on Sega
I was 5 or 6 years old when I had told myself ok you’re special
But I treat you like my equal never lesser
I was 26 years old when we had dropped this one amazing record
Had the world stepping
That’s what I call epic
Couple summers later I got paper
I acquired taste for salmon on a bagel
With the capers on a square plate
At the restaurant with the why you got to stare face
To know I either ball or I record over the snare and bass
Rapper face, dread headed
Golden diamond teeth wearing
They just mad cause I got that cheese b*tch I keep dairy
Turnt up in the party getting lit to Yachty
With a Spanish Barbie word to my mommy
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